President Trump Said on October 5, Do Not ‘Be Afraid of Covid’ or ‘Let It Dominate Your Life.’ Many Republicans Already Thought Along Those Lines.

On October 5, President Donald Trump commented at Twitter that he would be leaving later that day from Walter Reed Medical Center where he had received medical treatment related to his having been infected with coronavirus. In the tweet, Trump also stated: “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

In making this statement, Trump drew out many reactions of disdain and mocking from people in American media and politics. But, a newly release Pew Research Center poll indicates that many Republican and Republican leaning individuals probably nodded their heads in agreement with Trump while wondering why it took so long for the president to come around to saying what they had long understood.

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Will Indiana’s Donald Rainwater Win a Record-breaking Libertarian Party Governor Candidate Vote Total?

Indiana’s Republican Governor Eric J. Holcomb has lost support from many individuals who months back would be counted as within his solid base of support for his reelection in the upcoming November election. Much of the reason for this loss of support appears to arise from two facts. First, Holcomb imposed, beginning in March, devastating coronavirus crackdown mandates in the state and added in July a mask mandate that is still in force. Second, Holcomb faces a Libertarian Party opponent in the upcoming November election who clearly and strongly opposes these mandates.

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Kudos to Van Morrison and Eric Clapton for Trying to Save Live Music

Coronavirus crackdowns have been devastating to live music performances. Venues have been shut down. Large gatherings have been banned. Even when venues have been allowed to reopen, they have been subjected to occupancy limits and other restrictions that can prevent profitable operation. Watching a show while wearing a mask and trying to “social distance” can be a drag.

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton are two marquee musicians who are saying enough already with the restrictions — let venues operate, musicians perform, and concertgoers attend performances normally.

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Anti-Trump Bias in the Media? John Stossel Finds Plenty

“It’s clear that most reporters don’t like Trump — or even Republicans,” concludes John Stossel in his Wednesday article “Media Bias” at his website In the 2016 presidential election won by Trump, Stossel continues, “96 percent of journalists’ political donations” went to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (more on that here).

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Drug War Rollbacks on Voters’ Ballots in November

In March, I wrote about how coronavirus fear and government crackdowns undertaken in the name of countering coronavirus could be expected to prevent some drug war rollback measures from being included on November general election ballots. Qualifying such measures for inclusion on voters’ ballots typically requires the collection of many signatures, something that is harder to accomplish when there is widespread fear of coronavirus and expansive government mandates restricting people’s activities.

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The Coronavirus Crackdown Hour with Adam Dick

Saturday, I returned as a guest at the Patriot’s Lament show at KFAR radio of Fairbanks, Alaska. The one-hour interview with hosts Joshua Bennett and Michael Anderson is focused almost entirely on the coronavirus crackdowns people have been suffering under for the last six month in Alaska where Bennett and Anderson live, in Texas where I live, and across America.

Watch the complete interview here.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

The No-Compromise Texas Republican Party Resolution Telling the Republican Governor to Immediately End His Entire Coronavirus Crackdown

The Republican Party of Texas executive committee has taken a heroic action that could serve as an example for Republican and Democratic parties across America. It has adopted, by a 54 to 4 vote, a resolution clearly and emphatically demanding that Texas Governor Greg Abbott immediately end all the liberty-repressing measures that, over the last six months while the state legislature has been in recess, Abbott has imposed unilaterally in the name of countering coronavirus.

The rebuke and demand of the resolution are particularly strong given that they come from Abbott’s own party.

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