Right and Wrong Ways for a Politician to Have a Haircut in Violation of Coronavirus Mandates

This week, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, has been the subject of much attention because of her on the sly visit at a salon in her hometown of San Francisco despite such being forbidden under the local coronavirus crackdown and despite Pelosi being one of the most prominent coronavirus fearmongers in America. A few months before Pelosi’s salon visit, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was similarly in the spotlight. A picture circulated in April of Lightfoot with her hair stylist at a haircut appointment after Lightfoot had been encouraging people to adhere to the local shutdown of hair cutting business operations.

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Ron Paul’s New In-depth Interview Regarding His Longtime Work Communicating Libertarian Ideas

In interviews, Ron Paul tends mainly to be asked about events of the day. These often-short interviews help Paul advance his goal of communicating the ideas of liberty. It is interesting and illuminating in a different way when Paul on occasion takes part in longer, in-depth interviews focused largely on himself and his relationship to libertarianism.

A new interview of Paul by host Matt Kibbe at Kibbe on Liberty is such an in-depth interview.

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Watch Out Hoodlums. Victims May Start Fighting Back Much More.

There are hoodlums across America looting and burning down businesses, banging on people’s vehicles while ordering drivers rudely where to drive, bearing down on people to intimidate them into expressing support for this or that cause, and committing other crimes of violence and property destruction.

Many of these hoodlums say things about black lives mattering, white supremacy or systemic racism being bad, reparations for slavery being needed, or some other message related to politics or race. Other hoodlums do not say such things but take their actions while in a group of people, many of whom are saying such.

All that talk concerning politics and race is beside the point. The people taking these actions are hoodlums.

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Good for the Syracuse University Student Rebels

It does not take nearly as much to be a rebel at college as it used to. With a multiplicity of rules restricting college students’ activities at campuses across America in the name of countering coronavirus, a significant act of rebellion can be to shake hands with a friend, leave your nose and mouth uncovered, or congregate in a group. In other words, rebellion can be to take ordinary actions of the verboten “old normal.”

Administrators at Syracuse University in New York appear to be hopping mad that a group of largely freshmen students on Wednesday evening, during the students’ time on campus before fall semester classes begin, did something you would expect them to do — join together in a group and socialize.

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Military Recruiters Are More Dangerous than Coronavirus for High School Students

Many parents have been fearful that their children may be harmed or killed by coronavirus if in-person attendance at high school resumes. This fear, however, has little basis in reality. Among teenagers overall, the risk of death from coronavirus is virtually zero, and most teenagers who are infected experience no to minor symptoms.

Instead, parents would be smart to be concerned about a threat at schools that could more surely lead to their children’s death or serious injury, physical or mental. That threat is military recruiters who may be on campus selling students on joining the military.

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‘Regime Change’ in Belarus Looks Like an Objective of Both the Trump Administration and the Biden Campaign

It seems that whoever wins the presidency, United States foreign policy will keep chugging away at intervening across the world, including via “regime change” efforts. Over the last couple decades, targets for US-government-supported overthrow have included Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Venezuela. Belarus also appears to be in the US government’s crosshairs. If its government holds back through January the effort seeking to topple it, Belarus looks sure to remain a US target for regime change during either a second term of President Donald Trump or a first term of President Joe Biden.

On Monday, as revolutionaries in Belarus capital Minsk attempted to oust the Belarus government, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden issued interchangeable statements regarding Belarus and US policy toward it. Both Pompeo’s statement and Biden’s statement condemned the government of Belarus, called fraudulent the country’s recent national election in which President Aleksander Lukashenko won reelection by a wide margin, and made demands upon the Belarus government.

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Grim College Coronavirus Rules

College ain’t what it used to be. Supposedly because of a virus that for most college students is less of a threat to their lives than riding in a car, students at college campuses this fall will be subjected to dystopian controls from required mask wearing and “social distancing” to surveillance via contact tracing and health monitoring.

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