Beware Coronavirus Surveillance

“Concerns about curtailing contagion help to normalize detailed scrutiny of people’s lives and drive us toward a pervasive surveillance state,” writes J.D. Tuccille in an informative and disturbing Friday article at Reason. Tuccille details in the article developments in new surveillance efforts termed “contact tracing” that are marketed as part of an effort to counter coronavirus. He also addresses the continuing and expanding employment of surveillance technologies that were in use before the coronavirus scare.

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Jo Jorgensen Praises Company for Firing an Employee for Posting ‘All Lives Matter’ at the Employee’s Private Facebook Page

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen is fond of posting the phrase “Black Lives Matter” and its hashtag variant “#BlackLivesMatter” at her Twitter page. Check out her tweets hereherehereherehere, and here for examples from this and last month.

But, if you dare declare “All Lives Matter” at your personal social media account, Jorgensen stands ready to cheer your employer firing you in response. That is a message Jorgensen communicated in a July 11 interview at C-SPAN.

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The ‘Diverse’ Signers of the Harper’s Letter Supposedly Championing Tolerance and Open Debate

People are commenting regarding the “diverse” signers of a Tuesday open letter at Harper’s Magazine supposedly championing tolerance and open debate. Don’t believe the hype. How diverse are the views of these signers? The letter they signed singles out one person in the world — United States President Donald Trump — for harsh criticism and twice condemns iterations of “right wing” people.

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A Great, Short Audio-Visual Introduction to Coronavirus and Actions Taken in the Name of Countering Coronavirus

On Sunday, Lew Rockwell shared at his website a six-minute video that gives a great introduction to coronavirus and some of the anti-liberty actions governments have taken in the name of countering coronavirus. Watch the video here, and consider sharing it with people to help them start questioning the coronavirus propaganda being delivered by many people in media and government.

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Should Professional Athletes be More Worried about Coronavirus or Lightning?

Znamya Truda, a Russian professional soccer team, has announced that Ivan Zaborovsky, a goalkeeper for the team, went to intensive care after being struck by lightning during training.

People being seriously harmed or killed by lightning strikes is rare. In America, the United States government’s National Weather Service relays that, in the ten years of 2009 through 2018, there were an average of 27 deaths and 243 estimated injuries each year from lightning countrywide. While the risk of an individual being struck by lightning is real, it is also quite small. The National Weather Service lays out the likelihood as follows: a one in 1,222,000 chance of being struck by lightning in a given year and a one in 15,300 chance of being struck in one’s lifetime.

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When Spouting Coronavirus Idiocy Helps the Bottom Line

Here we are months into the coronavirus scare when it has become obvious that coronavirus for most people poses little to no threat. Yet, we see businesses and other entities repeatedly trumpeting the danger of coronavirus as if each and every person should view the disease as the Grim Reaper hovering over one’s shoulder.

Of course, these entities will also trumpet their responses to coronavirus, including in many instances requiring people to wear masks that have no clear net benefit in protecting against coronavirus transmission but do have clear negative health consequences.

It is coronavirus idiocy on display.

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It Could Be Worse: Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Wants a National Mask Mandate

It is bad enough that many people across America are living, working, and visiting in places where state or local governments have mandated that people wear masks or, instead, have mandated that businesses mandate that people wear masks when they go about their daily activities away from home. The masks are mandated in the name of countering coronavirus even though there is no clear evidence they create a net reduction in coronavirus transmission from person to person and there is plenty of reason to believe they impair health.

Further, what people wear or do not wear on their faces is none of governments’ business to control. Will governments next mandate we wear big bubbles around us to protect us?

While the current mask mandates are terrible, things could be worse. There could be a countrywide mask mandate. Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden, in a Thursday interview with Ken Rice at KDKA-TV of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, declared that, if he were president, he would support just that. Said Biden, “I would do everything in my possible [sic] to make it required that people had to wear masks in public.”

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President Donald Trump’s ‘Racist Joke’

“Trump Made a Racist Joke in a Phoenix Megachurch and the Crowd Went Wild.” That is the title of a Wednesday The Intercept article by Robert Mackey. Sounds like a major story that could sink President Donald Trump’s chance of reelection, heh? However, it is clear from the first paragraph of the article that what happened at Trump’s Tuesday speech is very different from what the article title suggests. Trump told a pun that played on his contention that coronavirus originated in China and a form of fighting associated with China, and many people in the audience seemed to like the pun. That’s all.

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