Klaus Schwab: Yes, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is about Elites Advancing a Conspiracy

That select group of elites from around the world who come together at the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland really are conspiring to control the direction of society and politics worldwide. It is a conspiracy in practice, not just a conspiracy theory. That is the admission of WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab in his Monday welcoming remarks for this year’s WEF annual meeting.

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US Cranking War Back Up in Somalia

President Joe Biden is cranking back up the US government’s war in Somalia. Previously, President Donald Trump brought some reprieve in US military action in the African nation. But, intervention reducing developments in US foreign policy tend to face much pressure to end.

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Fortunate Swedes

Early on in the coronavirus scare, the government of Sweden chose to communicate some health advice and let things go on rather close to normal instead of falling in line with other countries’ governments imposing sets of draconian mandates in the name of countering coronavirus.

In response, predictions were flying in the big money media that especially massive death and destruction would befall Swedes as a result.

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The Return to the Good Old Days of Ignoring CDC Recommendations

It has been two weeks since a United States district court struck down President Joe Biden’s mandate, imposed through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that people wear masks when traveling via public transportation, or by taxi or ride-share service, as well as when at related locations, such as airports. After the court decision, most transportation companies and locations have been quick to make clear that people are free to leave their faces uncovered. Many people have been very happy to do just that.

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Iraqis’ Oil Did Not Pay for Rebuilding Iraq; Russians’ Yachts Will Not Pay for the US War on Russia.

In March of 2003, as the United States military prepared for its imminent invasion of Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz suggested to US Congress members that the US would not foot the bill for rebuilding Iraq after the devastation the US invasion would bring to the country. Wolfowitz, who was then deputy secretary of defense, assured Congress members that Iraq, through its oil revenue, could pay for its own reconstruction.

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Wikipedia Bias

Ten to fifteen years ago, Wikipedia, though not free of bias, seemed like a rather reliable place to find information about people, places, and events involved in modern politics. Someone desiring to research something related to current events could back then often be well served by starting with a look through a page at Wikipedia.

But, over time, the reliability of information at Wikipedia has declined. Efforts toward objectivity have increasingly been replaced by efforts toward bias. Wikipedia has increasingly become, especially in areas related to ongoing political matters, polemical.

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The AXIS Act, a Step toward World War III

The Axis powers, including Germany and Japan, were the foes of the United States and other Allied powers in World War II. Decades later, President George W. Bush chose to term some other nations — Iraq, Iran, and North Korea — as a new “axis of evil.” That was followed by a US invasion and overthrow in Iraq. Decades later, US troops remain in Iraq, and US sanctions and hostility directed at the other two nations continue.

This week, the United States House of Representatives is set to bring the Axis designation back to the big time — seeking to lump China in with Russia as the new Axis powers the US should be devoted to opposing. The movement toward a new world war — the first one with nuclear powers on both sides — grows stronger.

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