Government is the ‘Victim’ of Doctor Accused of Giving Out Coronavirus Vaccine Cards Without Shots

This week, the United States Department of Justice charged in a Utah federal court Michael Kirk Moore, Jr. — a medical doctor — and three other individuals with crimes. The so-called crimes arise from allegation that the individuals helped adults who did not want to take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots obtain cards verifying they had taken the shots when shots were instead destroyed, as well as that the individuals provided cards verifying shots along with the injecting of saline shots instead of coronavirus shots into children, all at the request of the children’s parents.

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Jeremy Corbyn: Free Julian Assange and End the Ukraine War

Julian Assange should be freed, and the Ukraine War should be ended right away. These are two views expressed by Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour Party leader of Great Britain. These views are in sharp contrast with views typically expressed by prominent politicians of Corbyn’s nation that has imprisoned Assange for extradition to the United States as well as funded and armed Ukraine’s war against Russia.

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Dollar Hegemony, Saudi Arabia, Oil, and Ron Paul

Interviewed Tuesday at Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan indicated that Saudi Arabia would be open to conducting trade, including involving oil, in various currencies — mentioning in particular the euro and the Saudi riyal — instead of the United States dollar. This is the latest in a series of developments suggesting the Middle East nation and large oil producer is shifting away from supporting US dollar hegemony through trade.

In February of 2006, then US House of Representatives member Ron Paul (R-TX) discussed the history of US dollar hegemony and its looming doom in a House floor speech titled “The End of Dollar Hegemony.” Paul began his speech with his assessment that the dollar dominance, called dollar hegemony more recently and dollar diplomacy in earlier decades of the prior hundred years, “is coming to an end.”

The full history and analysis Paul related in the speech is fascinating. But, there is a particular portion of Paul’s speech that relates to the Saudi finance minister’s comment. This is when Paul focused on the key role the trade of oil has played in supporting dollar hegemony and the related position of the US dollar as the world reserve currency.

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New York May Be the First to Ban Gas Stoves

On Tuesday, I wrote about the latest step being considered in the United States government’s ongoing effort to make homes more dreary. The US government has already pursued over the last few decades regulations to eliminate the sale of popular types of light bulbs, furnaces, toilets, and other items that help make a home homey. Now the Consumer Product Safety Commission is targeting gas stoves for elimination as well.

While the US government can be a big downer when it comes to restricting freedom, you can be sure that in regard to many matters there are some state governments even more eager in their quest for suppression. Seemingly attempting to demonstrate such in this instance is New York Governor Kathy Hochul. If she has her way, the New York state government may beat the US government to the punch by being the first to ban the popular stoves in America.

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The US Government Versus Home Sweet Home

Over the last few decades the United States government has been working on degrading Americans’ homes one piece at a time. A new proposal the US government is considering would add gas stoves commonly used in the kitchens of homes across the country to its list of forbidden yet highly valued home items.

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Killer Shots and Justice

A Rasmussen Reports survey of American adults conducted last week found that 28 percent of the polled individuals “personally know” someone whose death “may have been caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.” These same experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots were relentlessly proclaimed by government officials and media commentators throughout the coronavirus scare as “safe and effective” for everyone.

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Big Brother in the Big Apple

“Big Brother is protecting you.” That is a quote from New York City Mayor Eric Adams in a Saturday article at Politico. Adams made the comment in defense of the extensive web of high-tech surveillance his city government deploys against people in America’s most populous city, as well as the mayor’s desire to expand the surveilling.

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CDC Blames Life Expectancy Decrease on Coronavirus, Ignores Contribution of Coronavirus Shots and Government Coronavirus Policies

Even long after most people have left the coronavirus scare behind, you can count on the United States government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to keep the coronavirus fearmongering going. The latest example of this is the CDC’s Thursday report “Mortality in the United States, 2021” blaming coronavirus for much of the decrease in life expectancy for Americans registered for the years 2020 and 2021. Ignored in the report is the great contribution to this dire development apparently caused by federal, state, and local government policies taken in a supposed effort to counter coronavirus, including the harmful effects of experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots that government officials routinely and falsely touted as “safe and effective.”

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