TikTok Bans Glenn Greenwald

On Sunday, I wrote about Glenn Greenwald’s insightful discussion at his System Update news show last week about how American politicians’ threats to ban TikTok are part of the effort to gain greater government control over the social media platform that has already, Greenwald stated, “had to agree more and more” to implement United States government censorship demands.

Here is an update. TikTok has since banned Greenwald’s System Update from its social media platform.

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National Security Council Spokesman: The US is Doing More than Any Other Nation to Alleviate Gazans’ Pain and Suffering

Aside from Israel, the United States is the nation most responsible for the pain and suffering people in Gaza are experiencing due to Israel’s devastating military action of the last two months. This is because the US is now and long has been the number one provider of weapons to Israel, as well as the source of much intelligence employed to direct the use of those weapons.

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The US House’s Weekly Expansion of the Definition of Antisemitism

Last week, the United States House of Representatives declared via H.Res. 888 that “denying Israel’s right to exist” is antisemitism — an interpretation divergent from the common meaning of the word that relates to making certain judgments based on the perceived ancestry or religion of people, not to having certain opinions about a government. Then, on Tuesday, the House again defied common understanding of the meaning of antisemitism by declaring through approval of H.Res. 894 that antizionism is also antisemitism.

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Glenn Greenwald Explains how Threats to Ban TikTok are Part of the Effort to Expand US Censorship through Tech Companies

Five years back, technology companies were hitting their stride with cracking down on alternative voices. That crackdown has continued over the ensuing years. Further, evidence has increasingly been revealed that fills out the story of how United States government agents have behind the scenes been pushing the crackdown.

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House Resolution Calls Criticism of Israel Antisemitism

One thing didn’t change among the United States congressional top leaders, Democrat and Republican, after the election of a new US House of Representatives Speaker — their unanimous over-the-top commitment to the US government supporting Israel unconditionally. Thus, the congressional top leaders are likely increasingly concerned about both ongoing large war-related protests in which many people express criticism of the Israel government and the majority of Americans opposing the US sending weapons and supplies to Israel to aid it in its war effort.

How to counter the resistance to the US giving Israel more and more money, intelligence, and weapons? A resolution being considered in the US House of Representatives provides some of the answer: call criticism of Israel antisemitism.

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­Argentina Presidential Candidate Javier Milei Is Not the Great Libertarian Hope

The United States Libertarian Party posted today at Twitter a celebratory post regarding Javier Milei who is one of the two candidates for the presidency of Argentina in a runoff election taking place today. First, the tweet referred to Milei as the “most successful Libertarian political candidate of this generation” who “has a chance to shock the world today.” Then, it wished him “Good luck” and expressed the desire that he “Set an example for what could be in America.”

Hmm. Is this heavy praise merited?

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Glenn Greenwald Reviews President Biden’s Decades-long Devotion to the Israel Government

“Joe Biden, of all the politicians that have come and gone in Washington over the last four or five decades, has long been one of the most stalwart and vocal and devoted supporters of the state of Israel, and not just supporters of the state of Israel, but supporters of the American policy to provide more arms and more aid to Israel than any other country by far.”

That is the conclusion Glenn Greenwald declared early in a segment of the Monday episode of his System Update news program. Providing support for this conclusion, Greenwald presented video of Biden’s comments over the last five decades as a United States senator, presidential candidate, vice president, and president. In the video of Biden’s comments, Biden delivers what Greenwald aptly sums up as “the same message over and over and over: Israel is not just our ally; it is a country to which we owe undying, unlimited loyalty.

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Gerald Celente, a Very Early Backer of a Kennedy Presidential Run, Withdraws Support due to Kennedy’s Israel War Position

Back in December of 2022, virtually nobody was even thinking of the possibility that Rober F. Kennedy, Jr. may run in the 2024 presidential race. One of the few individuals who was thinking of this possibility was political commentor and trends forecaster Gerald Celente. Speaking with host David Knight at the David Knight Show, Celente then not only mentioned the possibility, he enthusiastically recommended that Kennedy run with legal scholar Andrew Napolitano, a former New Jersey state judge, as his vice president  running mate.

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Congress Members Ask President Biden to Stop the Effort to Prosecute Julian Assange

On October 26, I wrote about United States House of Representatives members Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) gathering signatures from other House members for a letter to President Joe Biden. The letter asks the president to drop both the US government’s requested extradition and its ongoing prosecution efforts in regard to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

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