“Good Morning Students” … “Good Morning AI Overlord”

In recent years, schools across America, with the help of private companies, have been significantly ramping up surveillance on students, largely in the name of keeping the children safe. Now that there is big buzz about artificial intelligence, or “AI,” it should come as little surprise that peeping adults will increasingly employ AI to aid them in the surveilling of school students.

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The Peace Candidate Versus the Freedom Candidate in the Republican Presidential Primary

Donald Trump continued last week his effort to present himself as the peace candidate in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. Trump took another big step in this this endeavor when, during a Wednesday CNN “town hall” event in New Hampshire, he stated, when asked if as president he would continue the United States government sending money and weapons to the Ukraine government and whether he supports Ukraine winning its war against Russia, that the important thing to do is stop all the killing by settling the war quickly. Trump insisted that as president he could bring about such a settlement “in one day, 24 hours.”

Also last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a much-talked-about potential primary competitor for Trump, headlined events on Thursday and Friday at which he signed bills into law and made presentations that could help to define himself as the freedom candidate in the Republican presidential primary should he end up throwing his hat into the ring.

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Ending Marijuana Restrictions for Athletes

In December of 2019, I wrote about Major League Baseball (MLB), along with the Major League Baseball Players Association, announcing that marijuana use by professional baseball players would no longer be verboten. Concluding my discussion of this new development, I commented that “More professional sports organizations will surely follow in eliminating marijuana use prohibitions.”

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Julian Assange and President Biden’s Reelection

Former British diplomat Craig Murray has chronicled well much of the effort of the US and British governments against Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. In a Tuesday post at his website, Murray suggests that the course of Assange’s continuing torment recently and over the next two years may be driven by an effort to ensure US President Joe Biden’s reelection.

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Rep. Matt Gaetz Says Take the US Military Out of Somalia

Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) resolution (H.Con.Res. 30) that would, pursuant to the War Powers Resolution, require the removal of United States military members from Somalia is on the schedule for consideration in the US House of Representatives this week. The resolution directs the president to remove all US military members from the African country within one year, except for those assigned to protect the US embassy.

Why should House members support the resolution? Gaetz made his case for a “yes” vote in an episode of his Firebrand podcast. The March 28 episode is titled “Why Are We In Somalia?”. In answer to the episode title’s question, Gaetz argues in a commentary at the beginning of the episode that there is no good reason for the US military to be in Somalia and plenty of good reasons for it to leave.

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The House of Representatives Remains Hooked on Expanding the President’s Sanctioning Power

Some things changed in the United States House of Representatives after Republicans gained the majority in January. But, one thing that has remained the same as during the previous years of Democratic leadership is that the House is committed to handing over to the executive branch, even when the executive branch is under the control as now of a president of another party than the House majority, the power to impose more and more sanctions across the world.

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