That US House-Passed Resolution Supposedly Opposing War Against Iran

Last week there was much media coverage of the United Sates House of Representatives voting to approve a resolution (H. Con. Res. 83) commonly described as seeking to prevent the Trump administration from engaging in war against Iran. However, take a look at the wording of the resolution, says foreign intervention opponent and former House member Ron Paul, and you will find that most of the resolution is purposed “to build up animosity” toward Iran. Paul discussed the resolution in a new interview with host Anand Naidoo at the CGTN show The Heat.

Indeed, the resolution is chock-full of talking points in favor of war with Iran. It starts with declarations that Iran is “a leading state sponsor of terrorism and engages in a range of destabilizing activities across the Middle East” and that Iran General Qassim Suleimani, whose assassination was carried out upon President Donald Trump’s order, was “the lead architect of much of Iran’s destabilizing activities throughout the world.”

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Dennis Kucinich, Antiwar to His Core

A Thursday article by Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone discusses Dennis Kucinich’s work in politics, from Kucinich’s eight terms in the United Sates House of Representatives to his two presidential campaigns to his activities since leaving political office. Taibbi, in the article focused much on Kucinich’s long-term devotion to advancing the case for peace, describes Kucinich as “antiwar to his core.”

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Ron Paul: US Wants to ‘Own Iran’ Like the US Did When the Shah Was in Power

President Donald Trump is offering plenty of justifications for the US government’s recent military actions against Iran, including that the actions were taken to prevent the deaths of Americans and to prevent a war. Not so, says former US House of Representatives member and presidential candidate Ron Paul in a Wednesday interview with host Ernest Hancock at Declare Your Independence.

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Ron Paul: It is Best for Iraq to Tell the US to ‘Get Out’

In a Friday interview with host Rick Sanchez at RT regarding the United States government’s assassination of Iran General Qassim Suleimani at the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq, peace advocate and former presidential candidate Ron Paul declared that “the best thing that could happen in the immediate future” is for Iraq to tell the US government to “get out.” Paul, in the interview, also counters the argument that the US had to kill Suleimani “to save American lives,” stating that he feels “less safe” after the assassination.

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Bill Weld: Ho-Hum, Donald Trump Ordered the Assassination of Qassim Suleimani

In 2016, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld received the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nomination. This year, having returned to the Republican Party, Weld is challenging President Donald Trump for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Many people would assume that Weld would be criticizing Trump for ordering this week’s killing in Iraq of Iranian General Qassim Suleimani. This assumption would make sense given the libertarian position favoring nonintervention overseas.

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Dennis Kucinich Condemns Killing of Iran General and Calls for US Congress to Prevent a Larger War

Dennis Kucinich, a long-time advocate for the United States government pursing a peaceful foreign policy who served in the United States House of Representatives as a Democrat from Ohio and twice sought the Democratic Party presidential nomination, issued a statement on Friday in which he condemns the US government’s killing of Iranian General Qassim Suleimani and calls on Congress to prevent the development of a larger war.

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