Coronavirus Crackdown Claims Another Free Speech Victim: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Kicked off Instagram

The headline at Reuters today reads “Instagram bans Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over COVID-19 vaccine misinformation.” Misinformation? Not really. What Kennedy has been providing is information different from what government, along with big money media and social media have been pushing over the last year in America — the long-time fearmongering concerning coronavirus and praising of coronavirus crackdowns, as well as the recent incessant promoting that everyone should take the experimental coronavirus vaccines.

Kennedy, and his Children’s Health Defense organization have been relentlessly countering the government, media, and social media propaganda related to both coronavirus and the extreme and dangerous government policies undertaken in the name of countering coronavirus over the last year.

Watch here Kennedy taking on the coronavirus fearmongering and crackdown, as well as the national security state, in an August 14, 2020 interview with hosts Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams at the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

The removal of Kennedy from Instagram is part of a program taking place over the last few years of increasingly restricting who can speak and what can be said at major social media websites. If Kennedy is treated as many other people, including even just last month then-President Donald Trump, other large social media companies will fall in line to ban him as well. Potentially, as has happened to competing social media companies Parler and Gab and individuals such as Alex Jones and their related entities, other companies, such as internet services providers, mail list managers, and banks, will cut off services to Kennedy and entities related to him as well.

Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (RPI) summed up in a Wednesday RPI email update what we are seeing in America as the “continuing merger of social media with government with the goal of silencing all dissidents outside the extreme center.” This development, along with others, McAdams wrote, indicate that “it appears increasingly likely that the total state is here and it is intent on flexing its muscles.” (You can sign up for RPI email updates here.)

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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