UC Berkeley’s Prison-like Dorms

This has been a terrible school year for many students at college campuses across America due to draconian restrictions imposed in the name of countering coronavirus that poses very little risk of major sickness or death for young adults. At the University of California, Berkeley, restrictions imposed on students at dormitories have become so severe that dorm life seems very much like prison life.

Joshua Bote describes the situation at Berkeley dorms in a Tuesday San Francisco Chronicle article. He relates that the dorms now feature police monitoring halls, frequent ID card inspections, and the requirement that residents stay in their rooms except “to obtain a COVID-19 test or medical care (including mental health care), use the bathroom or grab food from the dining halls.”

Read Bote’s complete article here.

The food at Berkeley’s dining halls must be better than the food at many American prisons, so at least the dorm residents have that going for them.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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