Ron Paul: The Revolution is Alive and Well

It has been ten years since 2007 when the presidential campaign of Ron Paul, then a United States House of Representatives member, evidenced the great breadth and commitment of people involved in what Paul has called a “revolution.” In a new interview with host Chris Martenson at the Peak Prosperity podcast, Paul discusses the excitement for the “liberty message” presented in that campaign, an excitement exhibited through actions including record-breaking political campaign fundraising via money bombs on the internet. That revolution so vividly on display during the campaign, Paul continues, is “alive and well” today “in the area of ideas that changes the world.”

Paul made his comments about the revolution in a discussion with Martenson, at the beginning of the interview, concerning Paul’s new book The Revolution at Ten Years. In the book Paul examines in detail the development, from his 2008 presidential campaign forward, of what Paul calls the “liberty movement.”

Listen to Paul’s complete interview here:

In the second chapter of The Revolution at Ten Years, Paul succinctly states the great importance he places on understanding and communicating the ideas of liberty. Paul writes:

It must always be remembered that the importance of ideas will always dwarf the importance of the raw power upon which politicians rely. We need ideological influence as well as political efforts, but, of the two, ideas count much more.

Paul’s new book may be purchased here.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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