How Ron Paul Hopes People Will One Day Honor His Legacy

Libertarian communicator Ron Paul answered a peculiar and interesting concluding question in a recent interview on the Outer Limits of Inner Truth show: How would Paul like people to honor him after his death? Paul’s answer to host Ryan McCormick’s question focuses on the importance of people doing what Paul has sought to do over the last few decades, including in the United States House of Representatives, presidential runs, and educational efforts such as the Ron Paul Institute — learn about and promote liberty.

Paul answered that people should study and promote “the principles of liberty,” as well as understand why those principles are “the basic moral principle of civilization.” Paul further notes that “promoting the cause of liberty has been my goal” and “should be a goal of all individuals.” In particular, Paul comments that people who believe in the ideas of liberty have “a greater moral responsibility” such that Paul suggests they should make an effort to spread the liberty message the best way they can.

Listen to the complete interview here.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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