My New Interview on the Lions of Liberty Podcast

My new interview on the Lions of Liberty Podcast with host Marc Clair posted today. In the interview, Clair and I discuss a number of matters including the 2016 presidential race, the drug war, foreign intervention, and the prohibiting of people listed on the United States government’s so-called terror watch list from buying guns. Clair and I also talk about some of the reasons for optimism about respect for liberty in America that I focus on in my new book A Tipping Point for Liberty: Exposing and Defeating Leviathan Government.

Listen to the complete interview here.

I am very happy to hear Clair, in his closing comments after the interview, call me “the great Adam Dick of the Ron Paul Institute” and say that I am one of his “favorite writers to read on a regular basis.” It means much to receive this praise from Clair who is a great interviewer for a podcast that is always interesting and informative.

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