Rep. Walter Jones: US Should End Afghanistan War For Real

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) delivered a powerful speech Wednesday on the floor of the United States House of Representatives advocating ending the US government’s ongoing war in Afghanistan. In the speech Jones challenges President Barack Obama’s claim that the Afghanistan War has ended. Jones supports the challenge by noting that thousands of US troops remain in Afghanistan, US taxpayers’ dollars continue to be spent in Afghanistan for military intervention, and the US and Afghanistan governments have recently entered into a bilateral security agreement purposed to keep US troops in Afghanistan.

Jones’ speech is part of his continuing effort to end America’s longest war.

Despite Obama’s insistence otherwise, the Afghanistan War continues in the new year. As Kia Makarechi argues in Vanity Fair, the so-called ending of the Afghanistan War in December is more properly characterized as a “re-branding” given that over 10,000 US troops remain in the country with a newly expanded 2015 combat mission.

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