Kucinich: Obama’s Wars Stand in Way of His State of the Union Wish List

Commenting Wednesday in a Sky News panel discussion, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Advisory Board Member Dennis Kucinich questioned how President Barack Obama planned to pay for the “wish list” of government programs Obama presented in the State of the Union speech of the previous night while the US spends trillions of dollars on empire.

“Where’s the money gonna come from?” asks Kucinich when questioned by host Martin Stanford about the community college proposal promoted in Obama’s Tuesday evening speech. Kucinich proceeds in his response to blame Obama’s pursuit of wars at a cost of trillions of dollars for standing the way of proposals like those on the wish list:

The president has throughout his term prosecuted wars that will end up costing trillions of dollars, and he is still reaching forward with a foreign policy that is going to be very expensive, with America continuing to be the policeman of the world.

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