Have You Reset the Net?

Suppose your neighborhood experienced a dramatic increase in home break-ins. What might you and your neighbors do in response?

Some residents may join together in a neighborhood watch. Many residents will review their home security precautions. Some people will put new locks on their doors. Other neighbors will build or improve fences, close their curtains more often, install security lights or an alarm system, acquire a guard dog, or a keep a gun at the ready.

It has been a year since the publication of the first revelations on the United States government’s mass spying program based on documents obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Yet, many people have not undertaken additional precautions in response.

A broad range of organizations launched on Thursday, under the title “Reset the Net,” a campaign to encourage people to take steps to protect private communication from government break-ins. Reset the Net describes its message in a promotional video:

The call is simple. Find some territory of the internet that you can protect from prying eyes. Seize it and hold it.

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