Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Misnamed Florida Freedom Fund

Politico reported Monday that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has started the Florida Freedom Fund. That news by itself sounds promising considering DeSantis has taken significant action in the state to advance freedom, including resisting the imposing of coronavirus crackdown measures much more than did most governors. In his May of 2023 “Prescribe Freedom” speech during his run for the Republican presidential election, DeSantis highlighted this record and his opposition to implementation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in an effort to distinguish himself as the pro-freedom candidate in the primary contest.

Unfortunately, a major focus of DeSantis’s new Florida Freedom Fund appears to be in opposition to freedom in Florida. Gary Fineout writes in the Monday Politico article that a key purpose of the new political committee is to oppose the marijuana legalization initiative on which Florida voters will vote in November.

To be clear, DeSantis is opposing the marijuana legalization ballot measure because he thinks it goes too far in removing government restraints on Floridians, not because he supports an alternative legalization approach that would respect freedom more. A drug warrior by definition has limits on his support for freedom.

Most voters who support marijuana legalization understand something that DeSantis does not understand or at least does not admit: Freedom is furthered by legalizing marijuana, and freedom is an important reason why legalization should be supported.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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