The Republican US House Leadership Loves the Nanny State

Republicans have developed a reputation for ridiculing nanny state policies of the United States government that regulate an array of activities and products as if Americans are all infants or toddlers unable to look out for their own best interests. Nonetheless, the Republican United States House of Representatives leadership has announced it is putting on the House floor for votes this week several bills that seek to expand the power and scope of the nanny state.

Do you think you are capable of deciding what kind of awning you purchase without government busybodies butting in? Too bad. The Republican House leadership is promoting for approval this week the Awning Safety Act (HR 6132) that directs the Consumer Product Safety Commission to adopt new safety regulations for awnings.

Do you want the government, each time you use a baby wipe or other similar product, to hector you that you should not flush it down the toilet? Well, too bad. The Republican leadership is calling for a vote on the Wastewater Infrastructure Pollution Prevention and Environmental Safety Act (WIPPES Act) (HR 2964) that goes on for pages with details about what items must be labeled “Do Not Flush” and how that labeling must be presented. The bill charges the Federal Trade Commission with enforcing every requirement in the bill.

The congressional nanny staters will not leave you alone whether you just want to provide shade for your patio or wipe your child’s butt. And that is not all. Other bills set for House votes this week similarly seek to micromanage other matters including batteries — the Setting Consumer Standards for Lithium-Ion Batteries Act (HR 1797) and tickets for concerts and other events — the Transparency In Charges for Key Events Ticketing Act (the TICKET ACT) (HR 3950).

Instead of eliminating nanny state mandates to which Americans are subjected, The Republican House leadership is focused on creating new ones. Instead of shutting down or at least restraining national regulatory agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, the Republican House leadership is keen on expanding their power and their reach into Americans’ day to day lives.

Many voters hoped a Republican majority in the US House would result in the government having greater respect for liberty and personal responsibility. Instead, the nanny state expands, imposing more rules and further limiting choices.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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