See Texas in Your Kei Truck

In the 1950s Dinah Shore sang her encouragement to “see the USA in your Chevrolet.” Decades later, some Americans would like to take that road trip in their kei trucks imported from Asia. But, for the time being, legal restrictions may cause them to limit that road trip to Texas.

Kei trucks, though increasingly popular in America, are not legally drivable on the roads of much of the country. But, this month a step was taken to expand the ability to drive the small trucks legally in America: A Texas Department of Motor Vehicles memorandum went out to licensed dealers and county tax assessor-collectors announcing that “mini vehicles,” including kei trucks, that pass current inspection requirements “can be registered and operated on public roadways.”

Check out this Monday article by Eric Peters at Eric Peters Autos to become up to date on the kei truck phenomenon and learn about the significance of the Texas memorandum. Peters is hopeful that the action taken in Texas will strike a blow for freedom that will catch on across America. He concludes his article as follows:

So, this is an important tactical victory. Very much of a piece with the one that was won when Florida ditched “mask” mandates. This led to ‘mask’ mandates being ditched in other states.

It is very important that things like this spread.

The more states that become freer, the harder it is for other states to be less free. This was precisely the purpose of the divided sovereignty built into the original American system, which was not intended to be a consolidated, centralized, one-size-fits-all regime. America was supposed to be a place in which people were free to go about their business, so long as their business was peaceful. There is nothing harmful in driving a Kei truck. If you don’t want to drive one, then don’t. But if your neighbor does, he has every right to.

And neither you nor any ‘administrator’ has any business telling him he can’t.

Hear! Hear!

Hopefully soon anyone can see the whole USA in his kei truck, should he so choose. In the meantime, there is much to see in Texas, a state roughly the size of France.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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