The Big Rise in Deaths in America

The United States government pursued a huge crackdown and spending spree in the name of countering coronavirus. In contrast, it has been behaving blasé regarding the big rise in deaths in America since the coronavirus scare and the rollout of coronavirus “vaccine” shots. The desire seems to be to sweep under the rug this new situation, trying to neither respond to it nor even to define its cause.

Pierre Kory is one of the heroic doctors who defied US government guidance that people should stay at home becoming sicker and sicker until they are on death’s doorstep and then show up at emergency rooms to seek help. With his group Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, Kory helped people receive the early treatment the US government opposed, providing a route to avoiding much greater sickness and death. This included avoiding subjection to dangerous hospital protocols involving features such as ventilators, remdesivir, and isolation. Now, Kory is dedicating much time to helping individuals harmed by the dangerous and ineffective experimental coronavirus shots that government and many businesses and organizations pushed on Americans.

In a December 12 The Hill editorial Kory and coauthor Mary Beth Pfeiffer laid out the big increase in deaths in America occurring since the coronavirus scare wound down and the coronavirus shots were incessantly marketed as miracle drugs and even mandated for employees as a condition for them to keep their jobs. In the first nine months of this year, Kory and Pfeiffer wrote, 158,000 more Americans died than in the same period in 2019 — before the coronavirus scare. Something is very wrong here, Kory and Pfeiffer argued, because “[w]ith the worst of COVID behind us, annual deaths for all causes should be back to pre-pandemic levels — or even lower because of the loss of so many sick and infirm Americans.” Indeed, the big increase in deaths is now largely among younger people. Wrote Kory and Pfeiffer, “[a]ctuarial reports — used by insurers to inform decisions — show deaths occurring disproportionately among young working-age people.”

Looking at this situation, Kory and Pfeiffer asked this important question:

Therein lies the most pressing question for insurers, epidemiologists and health agency officials. Why is the traditionally healthiest sector of our society — young, employed, insured workers — dying at such rates? Public health officials aggressively oversaw the pandemic response, for better or worse. Why aren’t they looking into this?

Kory and Pfeiffer look to the American legislature for action. “Congress should urgently work with insurance experts to investigate this troubling trend of increased deaths,” they advised.

Kory and Pfeiffer did not say in the editorial what they suspect such an investigation, properly done, would conclude. But, they may have given a strong hint in this regard when they wrote about an area in which Kory has experience:

Vaccines were given to more than 270 million people, among them babies, pregnant women and workers under employer mandates. The therapeutic’s “warp speed,” emergency use authorization must be part of any post-pandemic analysis, in light of more than 1 million reports of possible harm to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System and a new Yale University study validating a chronic post-vaccination syndrome.

Kory and Pfeiffer are right. Investigate, in Congress and beyond, the increase in deaths. And don’t shy away from looking at potential causes of the deaths that politicians, government officials, pharmaceutical companies, and others want to declare off limits for scrutiny.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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