Dr. Peterson Pierre Provides a Warning about Shots for Kids that You Won’t Hear from Most Pediatricians

Many pediatricians are big-time shots pushers for kids. They direct parents to give their children a multitude of shots from a very early age in accord with the much expanded over the last few decades Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s childhood vaccine schedule, which now includes newly added yearly coronavirus “vaccine” shots, and similar state childhood vaccine schedules. And they act as though there is no basis for parents to be concerned about the safety and efficacy of this torrent of shots for children.

Given this situation, it is refreshing to hear from a doctor such as Peterson Pierre who brings rationality and judgement to the matter of childhood shots. This is a big contrast to doctors who just declare that parents should fall in line with keeping their children in compliance with the schedule.

In an episode earlier this month of Pierre’s thoughtful Daily Dose series concerning medical matters, Pierre offered a take different from what many parents will hear from their children’s doctors about shots on the childhood vaccine schedule. After addressing some of the overhyped benefits and overlooked risks of shots, Pierre urges parents to refrain from “blindly following” their pediatricians’ recommendations regarding shots. Watch the episode here:

Pierre in this episode and others of his show serves as an example of a doctor who thinks critically about medical issues and offers independent analysis focused on advancing good health instead of just reciting government and pharmaceutical companies’ pronouncements. Pierre’s short episodes dealing with a variety of medical topics give viewers a starting place for investigation, and probably leave many of them wishing that he were their or their children’s doctor.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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