The US House’s Weekly Expansion of the Definition of Antisemitism

Last week, the United States House of Representatives declared via H.Res. 888 that “denying Israel’s right to exist” is antisemitism — an interpretation divergent from the common meaning of the word that relates to making certain judgments based on the perceived ancestry or religion of people, not to having certain opinions about a government. Then, on Tuesday, the House again defied common understanding of the meaning of antisemitism by declaring through approval of H.Res. 894 that antizionism is also antisemitism.

Who do these House members voting for these resolutions think they are? Noah Webster?

Both US House declared expansions of the definition of antisemitism are convenient for congressional leaders devoted to the Israel government and desperate to maintain US government support for Israel’s ongoing war effort despite the American people opposing such support from early on. Zionism is an argument for the political objective of giving support to the Israel government. Thus, Tuesday’s definition expansion seems to have the same purpose as the definition expansion last week — countering resistance to the US government supporting the Israel government and Israel’s war effort.

So what additional expansion of the meaning of antisemitism will the House decree by majority vote next week? How about looking to the television show Curb Your Enthusiasm for inspiration and adding liking music composed by Richard Wagner to the growing list of opinions that Congress proclaims make a person an antisemite?

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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