‘The Crime’: A Powerful Song About Despicable Actions Taken in the Name of Countering Coronavirus

The song “The Crime” performed by Jim Scott provides a powerful relating of multiple dimensions of the despicable actions people have taken in the name of countering coronavirus. From lockdowns to the dangerous and ineffective coronavirus “vaccine” shots, “The Crime” recounts sordid details of inhumanity in coronavirus crackdowns undertaken with media complicity.

How they sold it on the news. We were victims of a ruse.

Politicians rushed it through. But whose agenda did they use?

Lock ‘em down. Lock ‘em out.

They’ll be begging for a shot without a doubt.

Hit ‘em hard. Cause ‘em pain.

Knock them so far down they’ll never rise again.

Those are some of the lyrics from early in the song.

In the song’s conclusion, the lyrics question if the criminal perpetrators will ever “make amends.”

The song is not just powerful because of the lyrics. It is also powerful because of the great musical quality Scott brings to it with his singing and guitar playing.

You can watch Scott’s October 23 performance of “The Crime” at Lake Liddell in Australia here:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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