New Bill Would Terminate Coronavirus Shots Mandate for US Immigrants

Most US government mandates that individuals take coronavirus “vaccine” shots have been gone for months. But, a coronavirus shots mandate still remains in place for people seeking to immigrate to America.

On Wednesday, legislation was introduced in the US House of Representatives that is intended to end this remaining shots mandate. The bill (HR 4726) prohibits the use of any US government funds “to administer, implement, or enforce the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for aliens.” That requirement is defined in the bill as any Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or Department of Homeland Security requirement that coronavirus shots be given as a condition for an alien to receive a visa or enter the US, for a nonimmigrant alien to have his status adjusted to be an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residency, or for an alien lawfully admitted to the US for permanent residence to become naturalized as a US citizen.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), the sponsor of the bill as well as an Advisory Board member for the Ron Paul Institute, described some of the reasoning behind HR 4726 in a Wednesday press release:

‘It’s un-American to force COVID vaccines on people who want to become Americans,’ said Rep. Thomas Massie. ‘Currently, our government coerces those who’ve come to our country legally into taking mRNA vaccines as a condition of fulfilling their dreams of becoming U.S. citizens. H.R. 4726 will finally put an end to this unscientific policy and repeal several of the last remaining COVID mandates.’

Massie’s press release listed 20 original cosponsors — all Republicans — of HR 4726.

Introducing legislation to end this lingering coronavirus shots mandate follows the course successfully pursued last year to eliminate the shots mandate for members of the US military. In December of last year, President Joe Biden signed into law a huge military funding bill in which Congress had included a repeal of the Biden administration’s coronavirus shots mandate for military members. HR 4726 could make it through Congress on its own or be folded into legislation that Biden would feel obliged to sign into law.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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