Ron Paul’s TimCast Interview: The John F. Kennedy Assassination and Beyond

Ron Paul has stirred up some attention with his two-hours Tuesday interview at the TimCast show, including for his assessment that the United States government, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in particular, killed President John F. Kennedy. The assassination Paul describes as a coup that helped dramatically changed the nature of America.

Post-coup, the prominent libertarian communicator and chairman of the Ron Paul Institute argues, America has reached a point where “we don’t have any resemblance to a government that believes in a Republic; we don’t have honest money; we don’t have integrity; we don’t even have people in Washington that even pretend that you’re supposed to tell the truth.”

Watch the Paul’s TimCast interview here:

Paul’s discussion of a coup in American and the Kennedy assassination starts at 12 minutes and 36 seconds into the TimCast episode.

Paul addresses many additional matters in the interview, including his time in the United States House of Representatives and as a presidential candidate, monetary policy, and censorship by social media companies working together with government.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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