Could Brazil’s Lula and Israel’s Netanyahu Help End the Ukraine War?

With the United States and a few other nations dumping money and weapons nonstop into Ukraine in an apparent effort to ensure the Ukraine War continues until the death of the last Ukrainian soldier, it can seem that peace has no chance. In fact, it can seem that much more likely than peace breaking out is the war escalating into a full-out world war.

But, there are plenty of nations that have not taken a side in the war. Maybe a move toward peace can be aided by actions of political leaders from some of these nations.

Two national political leaders who have discussed this week the possibility that they could help move down a path to peace are Brazil President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Interviewed at CNN, Netanyahu declared that, “if asked by all relevant parties,” which from the context of his comments seems to include Russia, Ukraine, and the United States, he “would certainly consider” becoming a mediator to facilitate ending the Ukraine War. Further, Netanyahu stated, “I’m not pushing myself” to take on this responsibility. Netanyahu elaborated:

I’ve been around long enough to know that there has to be a ripe time and the right circumstances. If they arise, I’ll certainly consider it.

Meanwhile, Lula, speaking at a joint press conference with Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz, expressed his willingness to help bring a negotiated end to the Ukraine War. Writing about Lula’s comments in a Tuesday Politico article, Hans von der Burchard reported that Lula “proposed to establish a peace-oriented club of nonaligned countries like China, Brazil, India and Indonesia, which he said have thus far not been involved in discussions on the war.” Lula also expressed in the press conference a commitment to continuing Brazil’s detachment from the ongoing war, a position likely advantageous for helping negotiate a peaceful conclusion. Von der Burchard wrote:

Lula also rejected the possibility that Brazil could help Ukraine to fend off Russian missile or drone attacks by selling its units of the German-made Gepard air defense tanks along with corresponding ammunition: ‘Brazil has no interest in handing over munitions that can be used in the war between Ukraine and Russia,’ Lula said. ‘We are a country committed to peace.’

These comments by Lula and Netanyahu suggest a potential off-ramp from the continuing escalation of commitment of the US and a few other nations to the Ukraine War. How about moving from fueling the war to giving Lula, Netanyahu, or other third parties the chance to help advance negotiation to end the war?

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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