The Coronavirus Crackdown Continues: School Kicks Out Four-Year-Old Child for Not Wearing a Mask

Over two years after the coronavirus crackdowns began across America, much of the authoritarian “public health” measures have been jettisoned. But some draconian government mandates pursued in the name of countering coronavirus remain in place. Included are outrageous mandates at some schools requiring children, who have always been at nearly zero risk of becoming seriously sick or dying from coronavirus, to wear masks. The masks, by the way, have not been established to provide net protection from coronavirus but do cause health problems.

One poignant example of the vile enforcement that backs up the remaining mask mandates on children at schools is on display in a report at KRON-TV news. The report concerns school officials, including an on-campus cop, on Thursday kicking a four-year-old boy out of a Mountain View Whisman School District school in California because the boy would not wear a mask. You can watch the report here:

The news report is not all bad news though. The report relates that the school district revoked its mask mandate for students later the same day.

Still, looking below the surface, that policy change is less reason for celebration than one may first suppose. The school district’s “COVID Plans” web page now describes masks as “recommended.” That means that many parents and students will still feel pressure to act as if the mandate were still in place. The liberty and health respecting course would be for the school district to neither mandate nor recommend.

Further, the school district’s web page indicates that it is following a policy that ensures the mask mandate can spring back into force. The web page states:

As Aug. 18, our local COVID transmission rates have dropped below the ‘high’ category as reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  As we’ve stated earlier this month in our COVID guidelines, reaching this threshold means our masking protocol can change.

 This autopilot mask policy, similar to the one employed by the Los Angeles County government, means that, if coronavirus statistics reach a certain CDC-defined level, then the full mandate can be reimposed. That would mean the school district’s schools again could kick out the boy and any other children who dare to leave their faces uncovered.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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