Wikipedia Bias

Ten to fifteen years ago, Wikipedia, though not free of bias, seemed like a rather reliable place to find information about people, places, and events involved in modern politics. Someone desiring to research something related to current events could back then often be well served by starting with a look through a page at Wikipedia.

But, over time, the reliability of information at Wikipedia has declined. Efforts toward objectivity have increasingly been replaced by efforts toward bias. Wikipedia has increasingly become, especially in areas related to ongoing political matters, polemical.

John Stossel does a good job addressing this change at Wikipedia in a Tuesday video report. Check out the video report here:

By the way, one of the biggest tip-offs that Wikipedia is far from the objective source of information it is often made out to be is that its pages come up as top results in many current events related searches at Google.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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