Ron Paul Says the US Should Mind Its Own Business Regarding Ukraine

Many Congress members in Washington, DC are loudly proclaiming their support for the United States government continuing and even increasing its support for the Ukraine government’s fight against Russia. In contrast, former US House of Representatives member Ron Paul is arguing, as he did when he was a member of the House, that the US government should mind its own business in regard to Ukraine.

Interviewed this week by host Michelle Makori at Kitco News, Paul presented arguments for the US government pursuing a noninterventionist course. Instead of acting as “the policeman of the world” choosing to intervene in this one of many conflicts taking place around the world, the US government should cut off support — including money, advisors, trainers, and weapons — for Ukraine in its fight against Russia, suggests Paul. The “morally correct position” for the US government to take, argues Paul in the interview, is “minding our own business,” not “giving more money and guns” to Ukraine.

Paul notes that, when the US government intervened militarily in Korea and Vietnam in decades past, those interventions were promoted as “our moral duty.” But, the reality, Paul relates, is the interventions meant expanded war and the deaths of more innocent people.

The US government’s failure to mind its own business in regard to Ukraine did not just start this year. Instead, says Paul, the new US actions this year are a continuation of a long-term intervention that includes the US government having participated in the 2014 coup that ousted Ukraine President Victor Yanukovych, who Paul describes as having been “somewhat fair and balanced in treating the Russians.” That coup, Paul says he thinks is “one of the most important events leading up to the crisis we have now.”

Watch the interview here:

You can read here Paul’s March 7 editorial “Is Putin the New Coronavirus?” that is mentioned in the interview.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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