Andrew Napolitano: Liability Shield for Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Companies is ‘Morally Wrong’ and ‘Corporatism’

Government has been paying for purchasing, promoting, and distributing experimental coronavirus “vaccines” to Americans. Government has even been mandating many people take the shots in order to continue working at their jobs, while also pressuring these and other people to take the shots by imposing vaccine passport requirements that bar from ordinary activities people who have not taken the shots.

Yet, at the same time, government is saying that if individuals who succumb to the marketing and coercion end up being hurt or killed by the shots, those individuals or their families are barred from suing the pharmaceutical companies that have been raking in big bucks off the shots.

Legal commentator Andrew Napolitano took on this liability shield outrage in a brief compelling video commentary. In the Wednesday video commentary, Napolitano tags the United States government created liability shied for the big pharmaceutical companies behind the experimental coronavirus vaccine shotes as both “morally wrong” and “corporatism.”

As Napolitano explains in the video commentary, absent the creation of special legal protections these big pharmaceutical companies would be, as are other companies that provide products, liable for harm their products cause. Indeed, there is a field of law called torts that deals largely with such liability and a class of lawyers who sue companies for injuries caused by products.

But, the United States government has given these large pharmaceutical companies a shield protecting them from this liability that is otherwise a routine part of doing business in America. This special protection, Napolitano points out is “morally wrong.” Napolitano elaborates:

But, look, one of the principles of American law is “where there’s a wrong, there’s a remedy.” If the vaccine manufacturers have done something wrong or put something into your body or a loved one’s body that harms or kills them, there ought to be a remedy, and Congress is not in the business of interfering with that remedy. Someone punches you in the nose, you have the right to punch them back, and then you have the right to sue them for the cost of repairing your nose. Someone puts a vaccine in your arm and you get sick, you have the right to sue them. These are moral rights, and they used to be legal rights until the Congress interfered with them.

This special protection from liability for vaccine manufacturers Napolitano further condemns as an exercise of corporatism — “the government favoring certain capitalistic ventures by making it easy and inexpensive for these capitalistic groups to distribute their product.” That’s something that can work out great for big pharmaceutical companies’ bottom line by letting the companies avoid having to pay anything to people harmed by the companies’ dangerous shots.

But, maybe that is not the end of this story. Napolitano intriguingly concludes his discussion of the issue with this comment: “Wait until the lawsuits start coming.” This suggests Napolitano thinks there may be means to overcome the pharmaceutical companies’ liability shield for damages caused by the experimental coronavirus vaccine shots. Maybe there will be some justice after all.

Watch Napolitano’s video commentary here:

Napolitano is an Advisory Board member for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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