Ron Paul Talks In-depth about the Afghanistan War

A new interview with Ron Paul starts with a video clip of Paul speaking on the United States House of Representatives floor in March of 2011 when Paul was a Republican member of the House from Texas. In the clip, Paul says that, if US troops were not withdrawn that year from Afghanistan where they had already been fighting for approaching ten years, they would remain there for another ten. “You were right on with that prediction” commented Kitco News host David Lin after the clip and before Lin and Paul began an informative discussion in which Paul provided an overview of the US government’s twenty-year debacle in Afghanistan.

Further, Paul warns in the interview that the US government’s intervention in Afghanistan is far from over despite President Joe Biden’s apparent attempt to end it. Says Paul, “believe me, we are not going to lose an interest in Afghanistan; we’re not just going to close the door and walk away.” Hopefully, Paul does not turn out to be as correct in that prediction in regard to Afghanistan as he was ten years back.

Watch Paul’s interview here:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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