Libertarian Party Governor Candidate Who Focused on Fighting Coronavirus Tyranny Wins High Vote Total in Indiana

Donald Rainwater ran this year an unusually popular governor campaign for a Libertarian Party candidate. As I wrote in early October, the popularity of Rainwater’s campaign appeared to arise largely because of his standing out as the candidate in the race for Indiana governor who presented clear and strong opposition to the reelection-seeking Republican governor’s tyrannical coronavirus mandates, while the Democratic contender argued the governor’s mandates were not severe enough.

In the Tuesday election, the Indianapolis Star is reporting that Rainwater won about 11.4 percent of the vote. This places Rainwater’s vote total around three and a half percent below the Libertarian governor candidate vote total record set by Dick Randolph in Alaska in 1982 and around one percent above the previous second-highest Libertarian governor candidate vote total obtained by Ed Thompson in Wisconsin in 2002.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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