Military Recruiters Are More Dangerous than Coronavirus for High School Students

Many parents have been fearful that their children may be harmed or killed by coronavirus if in-person attendance at high school resumes. This fear, however, has little basis in reality. Among teenagers overall, the risk of death from coronavirus is virtually zero, and most teenagers who are infected experience no to minor symptoms.

Instead, parents would be smart to be concerned about a threat at schools that could more surely lead to their children’s death or serious injury, physical or mental. That threat is military recruiters who may be on campus selling students on joining the military.

Sidney Miralao, in her August 11 Institute for Policy Studies editorial “Military Recruiters Don’t Belong in High Schools,” describes some of the ways military recruiters at high school campuses have in the past and will in the coming school year seek to encourage students to enlist.

For some help in countering military recruiting and providing alternative information to students considering joining the military, check out the “counter recruitment” page of the American Friends Service Committee website.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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