Beware Coronavirus Surveillance

“Concerns about curtailing contagion help to normalize detailed scrutiny of people’s lives and drive us toward a pervasive surveillance state,” writes J.D. Tuccille in an informative and disturbing Friday article at Reason. Tuccille details in the article developments in new surveillance efforts termed “contact tracing” that are marketed as part of an effort to counter coronavirus. He also addresses the continuing and expanding employment of surveillance technologies that were in use before the coronavirus scare.

And after coronavirus is gone or many more people have decided that it is best to ignore coronavirus fearmongering and get on with enjoying their lives the “old normal” way, what will become of the new surveillance put in place in the name of countering coronavirus? Tuccille warns: “We can hope that health-related snooping into people’s movements and activities will come to an end when the pandemic passes, but these things have a way of getting embedded in the culture as people become accustomed to them.”

Read Tuccille’s article here.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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