My Coronavirus Crackdown Predictions

A while back, I made two predictions regarding the coronavirus crackdown in America. First, in an April 11 Ron Paul Institute (RPI) article, I predicted that across the country there would be a proliferation of protests with a growing number of supporters. Second, in RPI articles published on March 25 and April 4, I predicted that continuing the coronavirus crackdown would increasingly involve physical violence by police enforcing draconian mandates and by people confronted by police for just trying to get on with their lives — something in many ways forbidden under the crackdown.

The protests that are the subject of my first prediction are unfolding now.

Regarding my second prediction, the situation with physical violence has not progressed as far as it could have. Police are using physical violence in the coronavirus crackdown, though in many instances, such as in dealing with many of the protests, they are managing to keep enforcement more mellow or are refraining from enforcement. I have not seen indication of much responsive physical violence being used against the crackdown enforcers. But, in places where the severity of the coronavirus crackdown is not very much reduced soon, expect the situation to increasingly involve more physical violence. Tensions are rising every day.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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