Will the People Vote Out Politicians Instituting a Coronavirus Crackdown?

Governments at the local, state, and national levels in America have been instituting this month increasingly draconian crackdowns on the public in the name of fighting coronavirus. Politicians supporting these oppressive actions, including “stay at home” orders that state governments have imposed on the general populations of several states, may be booted out of office by angry voters come election day.

New Pew Research Center polling conducted March 10-16 indicates many Americans are not buying the media claims regarding the extent of danger from coronavirus. It seems safe to say that many of these skeptics are not or will not be happy with their local, state, and national governments’ anti-coronavirus efforts that result in the severe disruption of their lives. These disruptions will include in many cases losses of income and the prevention of visiting friends and family.

When asked about news media coverage of the coronavirus that has been the basis for the big scare and related large expansion of the exercise of government power — COVID-19, polled individuals seemed much less in freak-out mode than their politicians who are busy imposing new mandates. Just eight percent of polled individuals said news media have not taken the risks “seriously at all” or “quite seriously enough.” Another 30 percent said news media have “gotten the risks about right.” In contrast, a large majority of polled individuals — 62 percent — said the news media has “exaggerated the risk” either “slightly” (25 percent) or “greatly” (37 percent).

The media scare in regard to coronavirus is meeting with significant resistance. In coming days, Americans will bear great, and in many instances increasing, hardship because of government actions justified to fight a threat many see as overhyped. Don’t be surprised to see many Americans target their anger at politicians who have trampled on their liberty, economic well-being, and happiness in the name of protecting them.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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