Ron Paul: US Wants to ‘Own Iran’ Like the US Did When the Shah Was in Power

President Donald Trump is offering plenty of justifications for the US government’s recent military actions against Iran, including that the actions were taken to prevent the deaths of Americans and to prevent a war. Not so, says former US House of Representatives member and presidential candidate Ron Paul in a Wednesday interview with host Ernest Hancock at Declare Your Independence.

Incessant US attacks on Iran from sanctions to the killing last week of Iran General Qassim Suleimani, says Paul, are a consequence of a different policy that the US has had “for a long time” and that is endorsed by both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, as well as the deep state. Paul, in the US-Iran-relations-focused interview, describes this policy as follows:

We want to own Iran like we owned it when we had the Shah in power, and nobody’s going to be happy until that happens.

Listen to Paul’s complete interview here.

For an introduction to the US effort to place the Shah in power in Iran, aid the Shah’s government for the following 25 years, and, for the 40 years since the Shah’s departure, regain control over Iran, read Jacob Hornberger’s February of 2019 article “Understanding Why Iranians Bash the US Government.”

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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