David Stockman: Trump Impeachment Effort is a ‘Clown Show’ that Can Give Elizabeth Warren the Democratic Nomination

Interviewed this week at Cheddar, author and former United States House of Representatives Member David Stockman called the effort to impeach President Donald Trump a “clown show.” Further, argues Stockman, this clown show can result in Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) becoming the Democratic presidential nominee.

“Why are we weaponizing the normal procedures of government?” asks Stockman in the interview. Continuing, Stockman explains:

The Democrats are basically saying that any president in his third or fourth year of his first term that wants to seek reelection is inherently suspect for any policy action he undertakes if somehow it can be construed to be beneficial to his reelection. On that basis, every president who went for a second term in the last fifty years should have been impeached.

Stockman further opines that, while Trump “will be badly bloodied” by the impeachment effort, the countereffort by Trump and Republicans will “take [former Vice President Joe Biden] down” given that Biden and Biden’s son “are so deeply implicated in the corruption and the muck in Ukraine in 2016,” a matter of focus in the impeachment effort against Trump. With Biden knocked out of contention for the Democratic presidential nomination, Stockman predicts, Warren will become the Democratic presidential nominee.

Watch Stockman’s complete interview, in which he also discusses the Federal Reserve and the American economy, here:

Stockman is an Advisory Board member for the Ron Paul Institute.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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