Jacob Hornberger’s New Podcast

Jacob Hornberger released on Tuesday the first episode of his new podcast LibertyView. The show promises to be interesting and informative given Hornberger’s long history as an effective communicator of libertarian ideas.

In the first episode, Hornberger, who is the founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses how successive United States presidents “exercising totalitarian-like powers” in the name of confronting “emergencies and crises” provides “warning signals” that America is moving toward “the destruction of liberty.”

Listen to the first episode of Hornberger’s LibertyView here:

Finding time to listen to LibertyView episodes should not be very difficult. Hornberger wrote in his announcement of the podcast that he is planning for episodes to run just about two minutes each.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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