Andrew Napolitano Warns of Privacy Threat from Government Cameras and Facial Recognition

In a Wednesday Fox News video commentary, former New Jersey state Judge Andrew Napolitano describes the great privacy invasion capability of government entities in Great Britain using many cameras along with facial recognition software and databases of personal information. Further, notes Napolitano, the use of facial recognition by police for surveillance has already been approved in court in Britain. “The people in Great Britain have lost their right to be left alone,” asserts Napolitano.

“Tough for the British,” some Americans may say, “but there are privacy protections that will prevent that from happening in America.” However, Napolitano, who is the senior judicial analyst for Fox News, explains that “sadly” the same thing “has begun to happen here” in America. Napolitano points to facial recognition software being acquired by police in New York City, Chicago, and Orlando, as well as in “smaller police departments around the United States.”

If police start using facial recognition in America like police have in Britain, concludes Napolitano, Americans “will lose all privacy like our friends in Great Britain have already.”

Watch Napolitano’s video commentary here:

Read here Napolitano’s new editorial in which he discusses this privacy danger in more detail.

Napolitano is an Advisory Board member for the Ron Paul Institute.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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