Schools Operating Mini-NSAs to Surveil Students

Argued as needed to prevent mass shootings, government schools across America are operating surveillance programs targeting students. Like surveillance pursued by the United States government’s National Security Agency (NSA), the schools, with the assistance of private companies, are extensively tracking the activities of all students, including students’ social media posts, emails, and use of programs such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

Anya Kamenetz and Jessica Bakeman described the chilling mass surveillance of children in a Monday All Things Considered story at National Public Radio (NPR). Listen to their report here.

On Friday, Alex Newman reported at The New American that some prominent conservative and religious communicators, including talk show host Rush Limbaugh and preacher Franklin Graham, have recently promoted parents removing their children from government schools so they can be educated at home or in private schools instead. Concern about schools’ surveillance of students is one more reason parents, irrespective of their political or religious affiliations, should consider removing their children from government schools. Of course, parents are smart to check the privacy standards employed by private education alternatives as well.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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