Ron Paul and Jimmy Dore Explore Their Common Ground on Big Issues

Jimmy Dore, in his interview last week with libertarian communicator Ron Paul at the Jimmy Dore Show, pointed out that, while Dore calls himself a progressive and Paul is considered a libertarian, the two men “agree on the big things, meaning free speech and noninterventionism — ending our foreign wars and regime change wars.” Continuing, Dore states, “we agree on liberty and we agree that someone like Edward Snowden is actually a hero.”

Indeed, throughout the wide-ranging interview, Dore and Paul explore these and other matters where they find some agreement, including related to the Federal Reserve and the war on drugs. And Paul makes clear that to advance shared goals it is important to build coalitions in which people of differing ideological perspectives can work together in areas of agreement.

Listen to Paul’s complete interview, starting thirty-one-and-half minutes into the Jimmy Dore Show episode, here:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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