The Libertarian Party Chairman is Denouncing Ron Paul Again

You may recall United States Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark, in a December of 2016 interview, denouncing prominent libertarian communicator Ron Paul’s support for states’ rights. In that interview, Sarwark said Paul, who ran three times for US president including once as the Libertarian Party nominee, “had policy prescriptions that were straight-up wrong and anti-libertarian.”

Sarwark is back this week with a fresh denunciation of Paul. Writing in a Twitter thread on Monday, Sarwark insinuates that Paul is a supporter of the governments of China and Venezuela. Following that strange comment, Sarwark suggests that Paul is not opposing “Russian interference in the internal affairs of our government” because, get this, the Russian government secretly backed Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign. Sarwark even tries to back up this Russia nonsense with a preposterous Medium article that you can read here. Go ahead and read the article, for the laughs at least.

Better yet, you can watch Paul’s May of 2016 video address at the US Libertarian Party’s national convention in response to his receipt of a Hall of Liberty award for his achievement in advancing the libertarian movement. In the address Paul offers some advice to members of the party.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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