Rep. Thomas Massie Says Follow the Constitution — No Troops to Venezuela Without a Congressional Vote

Interviewed Thursday at Fox Business by host Kennedy, United States House of Representatives Member Thomas Massie (R-KY) strongly objected to the prospect of President Donald Trump sending the US military to Venezuela to help overthrow that country’s government without first obtaining congressional approval.

“On the issue of Venezuela,” explains, Massie, “I don’t care if your favorite Founding Father is Washington or Jefferson or Hamilton or Madison, the one thing they all agreed on is the president does not have the power to commit our troops to war.” Instead, that power resides in the Congress. In short, concludes Massie who says he would vote against military action against Venezuela, “it’s illegal and unconstitutional as hell to send our troops there” without first having a debate and affirmative vote in Congress.

Unfortunately, Massie reveals in the interview, some of Massie’s fellow Congress members are “cowards” who are encouraging congressional leadership not to have a vote in Congress regarding the use of the US military against Venezuela. These Congress members want to dodge responsibility.

Watch Massie’s complete interview here.

Massie is an Advisory Board member at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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