Ron Paul: The Warmongering in DC is Bipartisan

Included in a Thursday foreign policy report by Rick Sanchez at RT, are portions of an interview with peace advocate and former United States House of Representatives Member Ron Paul (R-TX) in which Paul explains that a big barrier to moving toward nonintervention overseas is that “warmongering” has become a bipartisan fixation. “It used to be the Democrats were considered less likely to be involved in war, but they’re every bit as aggressive as the Republicans,” said Paul.

Watch the complete report, in which Paul also recommends that President Donald Trump fire National Security Advisor John Bolton, here:

For more analysis of the rise in pro-war sentiment among Democrats, from the “Democratic policy elite in Washington” to Democratic voters across America, read Glenn Greenwald’s Friday The Intercept article “As Democratic Elites Reunite With Neocons, The Party’s Voters Are Becoming Far More Militaristic and Pro-War than Republicans.”

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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