Lew Rockwell Challenges President Trump’s ‘Sickening’ Support for Saudi Arabia

In a brief appearance at the conclusion of an RT news segment regarding President Donald Trump’s Tuesday written declaration of support for the government of Saudi Arabia, libertarian communicator and Ron Paul Institute Advisory Board Member Lew Rockwell presented a succinct summary of reasons for Trump’s “sickening” support.

Rockwell states:

The questions of morality, of course, are entirely absent, as they usually are from US government policy. As long as the Saudis are willing to bribe enough Americans, as long as they are willing to do what the US government wants in terms of oil, as long as it’s willing to give big contracts to what Trump refers to as “all the great American companies” that are causing so much havoc around the world, there is nothing they could do that would hurt them. I’m sure they are going to continue to kill people. This is a terrible thing President Trump is doing. It’s really sickening, and it’s horrible.

Watch the RT news segment here:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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