Good News: Court Dismisses Case Against Civil Disobedience Hero John Miska

On August 15, I wrote about John Miska having been arrested the previous weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia for buying some drinks and common household items in defiance of draconian restrictions imposed in the city over the weekend. Here is an update with good news: A local trial court has dismissed the prosecution of Miska.

The Rutherford Institute, which has been defending Miska and had filed a motion to dismiss the case against him, relates in a Friday statement that, “[i]n throwing out the charges against Miska, the court ruled that the provision of the ordinance used to justify Miska’s arrest is overbroad and unreasonable and, therefore, unenforceable.”

Rutherford Institute President John W. Whitehead, in his speech at the Ron Paul Institute’s August conference, spoke about Miska’s arrest and the “martial law” that had been imposed in Charlottesville. You can watch Whitehead’s speech here:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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