Mexico May Legalize Heroin; Get Ready to Send In the US Air Force and Marines

Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested a United States war with Mexico last week during his interview with Juan Hernandez, who Carlson introduced as having been an advisor to former Mexico President Vicente Fox. In the interview focused on the prospect of state- or national-level legalization of heroin production in Mexico, Carlson emphatically asks his guest, “Why shouldn’t we consider it an act of aggression, an act of war, for the country that is the primary — and no one else comes close — supplier of this deadly drug into our country to consider making it easier to bring that drug here?”

Talk about an extreme warmongering approach to US foreign policy! Based on Carlson’s view, it is an act of war for Mexico’s government to not engage in a war on heroin and thus not pursue the rights violations and government power expansions that come with such prohibition policy. If the Mexico government chooses to respect the freedom of Mexicans to peacefully produce and sell a product that is in demand, Carlson seems to thinks it is fine to send in the US Marines and Air Force as a “defensive” reaction.

Ridiculously, Carlson points to overdose deaths in America to support his assessment that Mexico, by legalizing production of heroin, would be initiating war on America. The reality is that the greatest culprit for those deaths and many other dangers for drug users is the drug war being fought by local, state, and national governments in America.

Watch the complete interview here:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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