Ron Paul: Education, Not Politicians, Key for Liberty in the Long Term

Though Ron Paul ran for president three times and served in the United House of Representatives, he does not put his hope in politicians. In a new in-depth interview with host Patrick Bet-David at Valuetainment, Paul argues that education is key for moving toward greater respect for liberty. In contrast, says Paul, politicians are “very unimportant overall long term.” Paul explains that he believes changing people’s views is “the only thing that counts” given that “the government that we have is a reflection of the prevailing attitudes of the people.” Change the people’s views and you change government.

Around eight percent of the population promoting a philosophy, says Paul in the interview, can have a big influence. Paul points to the American Revolution as illustrating the type of impact that can be made by less than ten percent of people being dedicated to accomplishing a goal.

In the interview, Paul and Bet-David also discuss Paul’s thoughts on matters including foreign policy, the Federal Reserve, and marijuana prohibition, as well as the entire drug war.

Watch the complete hour-plus interview here:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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