Andrew Napolitano Is ‘Gravely Disappointed’ by President Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

Constitutional scholar and Ron Paul Institute Advisory Board Member Andrew Napolitano explains in a Wednesday Fox News video commentary why he is “gravely disappointed” by President Donald Trump’s nomination of Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be a United States Supreme Court justice.

“Judge Kavanaugh does not represent what the Framers wanted when they wrote the Fourth Amendment” — the US Constitution provision that deals with search and seizure, declares Napolitano in the video commentary. In particular, Napolitano states that Kavanaugh does not believe people have the right to privacy in their communications that is protected by requiring the government to obtain a warrant from a judge before the government can snoop into such communications. Napolitano also identifies Kavanaugh as “from the heart and soul of the swamp” whose denizens control things in Washington, DC — the same swamp that Trump said he would drain.

Watch Napolitano’s complete video commentary here:

For more of Napolitano’s thoughts regarding Trump’s nomination of Kavanaugh, read Napolitano’s new editorial here.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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