Ron Paul, Peace Envoy to North Korea?

After noting that Ron Paul has “broken down ways to deescalate North Korea,” Alex Jones on Tuesday asked Paul, who was a guest on the Alex Jones Show, if Paul would accept a request from President Donald Trump that Paul travel to North Korea as a peace envoy. In response, Paul first noted that he thinks the odds of the request being made “are pretty slim.” Paul, who is chairman of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, then proceeded to affirm that he would be “delighted to participate” should the request be to take part in “an honest attempt to try to have better relations and work out some problems with North Korea.”

The barrier, Paul says, to him being able to work effectively with Trump on North Korea relations is that Paul’s “ideas about North Korea contradict how we are treating North Korea now.” If Trump were serious in wanting Paul’s assistance, Paul says, “let me write him a one page memo telling him what I think needs to be done.” The memo, Paul indicates, would include the US “backing off” and North Korea sorting things out with governments of nearby countries, with Paul mentioning South Korea, Japan, Russia, and China. Without securing Trump’s agreement on such a memo, Paul indicates any peace effort Paul undertook would be undermined by the conflict between Paul’s “noninterventionist approach to foreign policy” and the policies the US has now.

Watch Paul’s interview here:

Paul discussed further his recommendations for US policy toward North Korea in his September 25 editorial “How to End the Korea Crisis.”

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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