Ron Paul’s Election Day Analysis

Three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul spent a good portion of Tuesday — Election Day — discussing the United States presidential election on several media programs. In his media appearances, Paul offered observations that may provide context for interpreting and predicting US government actions over the coming four years with a Donald Trump presidential administration.

Here are a few highlights:

Speaking on his own internet program The Ron Paul Liberty Report with co-host and Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams, Paul commented that, “when you have a Congress that does not assume their responsibility,” presidents are inclined to “get things done” on their own. In short, says Paul, “because Congress is inept,” presidents become more powerful and “fill the vacuum” that Congress creates “My prediction there,” concludes Paul, “is that Congress is not going to develop a spine and that executive orders, that policy, is alive and well and, if anything, may get a lot worse.”

Talking with hosts Jesse Ventura and Lindsay France at RT, Paul declared, “I don’t think this election is going to make any difference.” Paul asked, “how many campaigns have we seen where there has been a significant change” when the party in control changes? Answering his own question, Paul said that “it seems like they end up doing the same thing no matter what they say in the campaign.” Instead of relying on politics to improve the situation, Paul said in the interview that he thinks “the ideology of a country is the most important thing.” Paul continued, “if you have a true revolution of ideas, you should be able to infiltrate all the parties.”

“The political chicanery that goes on is a reflection of bad philosophy,” Paul declared in an interview with host Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show. Paul observed that people in America “are angry and upset,” but said he does not think that the people, who are generally thinking in political instead of philosophic terms, have “quite figured out exactly where the problem is.” The problem, Paul concluded, comes from “bad philosophy” in areas including economics and foreign policy that will not be fixed by just bringing in a “better manager” or shifting the decision as to which country the US invades.

In a Sky News interview, Paul criticized Trump and Clinton for, among other things, promoting the rebuilding or expanding of the US military despite the US having “more military tools than probably the next ten countries put together.”

You can watch below Paul’s complete Ron Paul Liberty Report episode, RT interview, and Alex Jones Show interview from Tuesday, as well as a clip from Paul’s Sky News interview from the same day.

Ron Paul Liberty Report episode:

RT interview:

Alex Jones Show interview:

Sky News interview clip:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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