Laurence M. Vance Reviews A Tipping Point for Liberty

The New American published on its website Thursday a review of my new book A Tipping Point for Liberty: Exposing and Defeating Leviathan Government. The review, written by Laurence M. Vance, provides a detailed introduction to the book.

Vance concludes his review of A Tipping Point for Liberty with the following praise:

America is indeed at a tipping point. I agree with Ron Paul’s conclusion in the book’s foreword that A Tipping Point for Liberty ‘is an important tool for spreading the education needed to ensure we can move onward to a world of liberty, peace, and prosperity.’

I am happy to see my new book receive such praise from Vance, whose insightful articles I regularly read at websites including

Read the complete review here.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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