A Ron Paul Institute Event in Alaska?

On Saturday, I returned to Alaska airwaves as a guest on hosts Joshua Bennett and Michael Anderson’s radio show Patriot’s Lament on Fairbanks, Alaska station KFAR. Like in my July of 2015 and August of this year interviews on the show, this new hour-and–a-half interview addresses a variety of matters related to peace and liberty. In addition, the hosts and I talked about the possibility of the Ron Paul Institute putting on an event in Alaska.

At the beginning of the interview, I reported on the Ron Paul Institute’s September 10 Peace and Prosperity 2016 Conference. Later in the interview, Bennett brought up his desire for the institute to put on an event in Alaska as well. This led to a discussion of how that could potentially happen.

As I noted in the interview, a hurdle to putting on more events is paying the expenses. For the September conference, a host committee was formed by individuals whose donations covered much of the expenses. Without the host committee, there would have been no conference. I told Bennett and Anderson that, if some of the individuals who would like there to be a conference in Alaska can similarly cover expenses, maybe an RPI conference can occur in the state. Bennett responded with optimism about an event occurring in Alaska, saying “we need to start planning and making this happen.”

The wide-ranging interview includes questions from callers and much discussion of United States government activities in America and abroad. Matters discussed include the 2016 presidential election, outlawing individuals listed on the terror watch list from buying guns, punishment of maverick members of the US House of Representatives, the US government’s mass surveillance program, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s support for stop-and-frisk, US foreign intervention motivating terrorism that is then used as an reason for violating Americans’ liberties, the drug war, mandatory minimum sentences, US intervention in the Middle East, and my book A Tipping Point for Liberty: Exposing and Defeating Leviathan Government.

Listen to the complete interview (starting five minutes into the show due to technical difficulties) here.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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